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Mind Detox Testimonials

Mind Detox Testimonials


Actor Michael - Feeling Blocked 

"I had a fabulous time working with you on Sunday, the one on one session was so helpful! It brought up so many things that I truly had no idea were holding me back. Everything we did during that session has had such a positive impact on even small day to day things, so I feel very lucky to have worked with you!"

Actress Kate – Panic Attacks:

"I went to see Micci after I experienced a panic attack during an audition. It was a really scary and disorientating experience that left me feeling vulnerable and full of fear for my next audition. Micci suggested I try a mind detox session with her, to see if we could get to the bottom of the problem and give me some tools to prevent it happening again.

I don't know quite what I was expecting but it was a very proactive and relaxed experience, that took me back to panicky times as a child, and one very specific time that we explored gently. I left feeling that I had moved on from that time, and also from the possibility that a panic attack might reoccur in a similar situation, which was an enormous relief when my next exposing high-pressure job came up. I engaged all the tools and ideas Micci had given me and approached the situation with lightness and confidence.

Since the session I have had many auditions but no repeat of the panic attack or even the tingly sensation of the beginning of an attack. And I have also found myself much more able to cope with the normal nerves of a casting situation, and be myself without anxiety holding me back. Great!"

Lucy – Feeling Stuck & Lost:

"When I left after the session I experienced such an incredible feeling of euphoria, like a huge weight had been lifted and as if someone had given me permission to be the person I wanted to be. Since then I have been more positive, happier and much more centred. It's not always easy but I really feel in some way I've been set free, and that the rest is up to me. I would definitely recommend Mind Detox to anyone who is looking for peace and a wonderful way of dealing with difficulties in life."

Anonymous – Painful Feet:

"I found Micci to be a very energetic and compassionate therapist.  There was never a moment where I felt she was holding me to anything less than greatness, which I couldn't see at the time but she helped me to. I have no doubt that everyone could benefit just by being in her presence, the joy she exudes is contagious.  A wonderful therapy session and my feet seem to have forgotten to feel painful since.  Great stuff!  Thank you!"

Thias – Insecurity & Negative Outlook:

"I found the Mind Detox online while searching a way to free myself of my own mind. I was aware the root of my negativity, insecurity and self loath was there somewhere but simply could not sort it out on my own. Trying to have a positive look in everything wasn’t helping. It was only making me more aware of how things were just not the way they should be. I wanted to live life in the present moment without analyzing and dreading every situation. I had become a prisoner of my thoughts. The cell walls were made of emotions related to my past experiences.

I am very pleased with the outcome of seeing Micci. I went to see her on the Saturday afternoon with a list of everything I thought could be causing me to feel that way but the list wasn’t needed. After a few question we got to the very problem (which wasn’t on the list). Now it has been one week since Micci performed the Mind Detox technique on me and I’ve been feeling better by the day. By Monday I started to feel like I was in a summer’s day with that buzzy sensation in the air all around me.. So much energy and clarity. It had been such a long time since I was that awake. Just felt amazing. I was suddenly so aware of everything.

Soon after seeing her, I thought I’d maybe have to be back. I was experiencing some physical discomfort and thought there might be a hidden cause for that too. But I am pleased to realize that that too started improving. Its amazing how sometimes a single situation in the past put your whole self in jeopardy.

Micci has taught me some simple techniques to carry on using myself at home, and I‘ve been practicing them religiously. My mind is detoxed!"

Julia – Depression & Exam Nerves:

"Working with Micci was a joy - she is compassionate, friendly and brought so much into my life from her Mind Detox session. I was able to see where the roots of my problems lay, and this helped me to see them for the first time in their true light. Because I could only see the problem, as it was today in my present life, I couldn't see the roots of it, and therefore couldn't let it go or move on. Through a somewhat moving, yet fun session with Micci, it has allowed me to feel a stronger more powerful individual. It has allowed me to let go of various limitations that I had been clinging onto for the longest time, and finally be a peace with some problematic areas of my life. I just had the mind detox yesterday, and this is already the impact it has had -  it was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend anyone to go for it! What have you got to loose!!!!"

Sebastian – Grief & Fertility:

“I personally found the Mind Detox session to be a clear and humbling reflection of connections and associations I had made in a 'key moment' of my childhood; but more so a chance to let go of the worth (or lack of self worth) I personally held...that meant changing it from a fault-defining moment to a life-affirming moment. Allowing a change in the fundamental meaning of something that I chose to limit my feelings and actions for 19yrs of my life! This could have been met with doubt, fear, anger and denial all too easily in myself had it not been for the warmth and gracious love that Micci presents in both herself and the space of the session. If anyone were to ask me what its about beyond this I couldn't tell them, but I happily recommend they find out...through personal experience. Thank you Micci for my chance to see again the love in my Father's passing on"

Mark – Financial Issues:

"Mind Detox for me became a way of cleansing the past. A way of exploration it to see what, if anything, I was still holding real from that past. I had little idea of what Mind Deyox was and my approach was to try and remain open throughout the whole process. This proved to be a good thing as all the "mud" seemed to surface easily bringing some surprising results!!"

Wendy – Shoulder pain:

"I had suffered with a recurring pain in my shoulder for as long as I could remember. I always thought it was because of my posture or maybe the way I carried my bag, but when Micci recommended that we try some Mind Detox on the problem I was open to trying it. The session was remarkably easy and even fun! Unlike traditional therapy which has a tendency to leave me feeling a bit racked over, Mind Detox felt informal and light. Even though we, much to my surprise, discovered an emotional cause of my pain, I didn't have to dwell on the emotions in order to fix the problem - quite the opposite. In fact I enjoyed going back and tampering with my childhood memory to release the feelings that I associated with it. I felt empowered and relieved right away.

Now I have a tool to use any time a get a twinge in my shoulder. Micci has given me the power to avoid the negative emotions attaching to my body. After just one session I'm free from almost a lifetime of nagging pain!"

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