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Workshops & Talks

One day workshop: "Creating the Life You Want Free of Stress."

For people who want to wake up every day and live their purpose fully

With Micci Gorrod

With Micci Gorrod

This workshop is relevant for anyone with a head, as so often we can become subject to the quality of our thoughts, positive or negative and allow this to define our day as good or bad. We'll share why stress management, freedom from limiting thoughts and experiencing the present moment are so important in modern day life. But more than that we'll be exploring how freedom and contentment can become a normal part of every day living. 

We'll also be offering tips and tools that help access your creativity at will and increase confidence, productivity and effectiveness.

Techniques to share that we have found invaluable:

·         Recognising what’s most important to you and addressing why you might not be experiencing this at all times.

and Lee Johnson

and Lee Johnson

·         Dealing with stress management and relaxation of the mind.

·         Looking at why we see the world as we do; Filters of the unconscious mind.

·    Experimenting with 3 C Vision; The Peak Learning State. 
(Fantastic tool for taking in large amounts of information).

·         An introduction to One Pointed Meditation.

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