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Professional Development for Staff Working in Performing Arts & Creative Institutes

Professional Development for Staff Working in Performing Arts & Creative Institutes.

“All staff including senior management should undertake this training.” - Sally Daunt (Student Support LIPA)             

"Absolutely brilliant - first class teaching and clear learning objectives. We were challenging the way that we are and how we engage with the world - the impact that has is vital for everything... Not just work! Micci and Lindsay you are inspirational young women. Thank you for today - thank you for you!" - Abigail Langham (Acting & Voice Tutor LIPA) 

This training is usually delivered as a one day workshop, although it can be tailored to suit your needs and includes the following:

·         An Introduction into the importance of teaching and living life in the present moment, and balancing your life / work relationship.

·         Recognising what’s most important to you and why you might not be experiencing this at all times.

·         Why we see the world as we do; Filters of the unconscious mind.

·         3 C Vision: The Peak Learning State. (Fantastic tool for learning lines and digesting large amounts of information).

·         An introduction to a simple meditation that can be used with eyes closed or open throughout the day.

Practical tools for you and your students that:

1. Deal with stress management and relaxation of the mind.

2. Change your relationship with negative or limiting thoughts.

3. Help students to access their creativity at will.

4. Sustain energy levels.

5. Nurture and develop natural stage presence. 

Let the participants tell you what they thought:

"Today was the best day I've had at work since I started here eight years ago. Thank-you so much!" - LIPA Staff

"This work ultimately means that staff and students are invited to work in a calm, loving, peaceful and productive way. The work also teaches some of the fundamentals of acting techniques in an inspirational way.” - Anonymous

“Will definitely benefit both myself and my students. Everything was great. Have the girls back. It was an AWESOME workshop.” - Ian Davidson (Music Tutor LIPA)

"It was enlightening. I would love my students to experience this sort of work." - Gillian Lemon (Acting & Directing Tutor LIPA)

 “Workshop leaders were fantastic. Very approachable, informative, content was great. A wonderful day.”  - L. Harrison (LIPA Enterprise Champion)

I believe their work should be part of the curriculum here at LIPA – for all students.”  - Anonymous

“This workshop is providing participants with skills applicable to life not just theatre/performance. Vitally important!”  - Anonymous

“All staff and students should have access to this type of workshop. Excellent delivery. We should bring you in again. It is something the dance department would be interested in”  - Jacqueline Jones (Dance Tutor LIPA)

If you would like to discuss us delivering a workshop for your school or institution please get in touch at: or 01442 383 635.

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