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Living Free of Stress and Limitations

Here at The Conscious Creative we've been very lucky to come across some amazing techniques and tools that have allowed us to change our relationship with stress, emotions and limiting or negative thinking. How that actually looks in our lives is that we experience lots of benefits such as:

- Living Presently    
- Peace    
- Contentment    
- Freedom

- Joy
- Clarity
- Creativity
- Alertness

That in turns leads to:

- Heightened Focus
- Greater Productivity and Effectiveness
- Better Communication and Relationships
- Being at Ease and Comfortable in Your Own Skin
- Increased Confidence
- Authenticity
- Staying Connected to Your Passion

We're big believers too that happiness is what makes a life successful, rather than happiness being dependent on perceived success.

And what happens when you experience all this for yourself? Naturally you want to share it with others, so we're keen to share how seemingly small changes in our lives can change the way we live, think and feel. We're passionate too about helping you to focus on what it is you want most from life and how you want to live it. 

So what's on offer and what's right for you?

One Day Workshop: "Creating the Life You Want Free of Stress."
This is great if you want to dip your toe in the water and hear our tips and tools.

Mind Detox Method / Coaching
Work with us one to one.

The Bright Path Ascension Meditation
If you're going to pick one thing go for this! Whether you learn with us or other teachers in your area this is the most powerful technique we are passionate about sharing with people!

Corporate Training 
We also offer bespoke training packages for your workplace.