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Mind Detox Method

The Mind Detox Method

The Mind Detox Method is ideal for you if something frustrating or negative is happening to your body or in your life / career (or in some cases not happening) and you don't know why. It aims to discover and resolve the often hidden root cause reasons for physical, emotional and life / career problems. 

In the case of performers this could be anything from audition nerves, stage fright, depression, anxiety or an underlying nagging sense that you are self sabotaging your own career in some way, right through to issues around food or a physical condition that you feel is holding you back.

It is really important though that whatever the issue is, we address the root cause reason as to why the problem exists, as just treating the symptoms tends to only solve the issue for short periods of time.

The method itself consists of a series of powerful questions asked between a Mind Detox Practitioner and client to discover and heal the negative beliefs (often hidden in the more subtle realms of the mind).

So having discovered the stressful root cause reason, we can help to free someone of their limiting beliefs, by coming to new conclusions. What people may also find is that addressing one issue can help more than one symptom which may be relating to the same belief, which is a wonderful outcome!

People from around the world have seen skin conditions clear up, chronic pain vanish and digestive disorders disappear, to name a few self-healing success stories, along with improved levels of well-being.  

Potential benefits include: 

  • Changing limiting beliefs that are blocking your life's enjoyment and success.
  • Letting go of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief relating to people, places, events or things in your past, present and future. 
  • Overcoming uncontrollable habits, behaviours and addictions.
  • Resolving the emotions that may be negatively impacting your body habits and behaviours.
  • Increasing your energy levels and feeling more alive.
  • Enjoying more inner peace, confidence and contentment.

Please note: No medical claims are ever made in relation to Mind Detox and you should always seek advice from trained medical practitioners if you are experiencing physical or mental conditions. 

Contact or call 01442 383 720 for more information.