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Corporate Training

Conscious Creative Corporate

“Today was the best day I’ve had at work since I started here eight years ago. Thank you so much!” LIPA delegate

“Absolutely brilliant – first class teaching and clear learning objectives. We were challenging the way that we are and how we engage with the world – The impact that has is vital for everything … not just work! Micci and Lindsay you are             inspirational young women. Thank you for today – thank you for you!” A.Langham

“What I liked about today was the warm and relaxed atmosphere. Level of honesty, openness and good knowledge base of facilitators. Very enjoyable day. Thank you!!”  R.Hughes

Conscious Creative Corporate is proud to be utilising our communication skills and extensive tools as performers and facilitators to deliver bespoke, personal, interactive corporate training throughout the UK and beyond. We promise to deliver to the highest standard with integrity and passion.

We know that working in a corporate environment can be fast paced and stressful with lots of demands on your time. That’s why we’re passionate and motivated about supporting people to reach their full potential whilst keeping progress playful and easy. We concentrate on helping people reduce stress, access their creativity, blow limiting thoughts out of the water and be effective in every moment. We also promote well being within the workplace and creating positive and supportive communications which leads to long lasting results. Our theatre background means that we deliver our material in an entertaining and fun interactive style that puts everyone at ease.

These workshops are usually delivered on site for your convenience. The content can be designed to suit the needs of your team and may include the following material:

Topics and Practical Tools to Help You and Your Business:

  • An Introduction into the importance of working and living life in the present moment, and balancing your life / work relationship.

This improves communication skills and your long term effectiveness, productivity and creativity.

Practical tools that help :

  • Deal with stress management within your team.
  • Heighten your focus.
  • Change your relationship with negative or limiting thoughts.
  • Access creativity at will.
  • Sustain energy levels.
  • Increase confidence.

Helping managers and delegates alike understand why we all experience the world differently, and what it is that keeps our positions and beliefs in play by exploring the filters of the unconscious mind.

This can really help people to accept and respect the different objectives of others rather than feeling the need to align others’ beliefs with their own. Whilst giving feedback this can also be very helpful in informing how we structure our questions.

  • 3 C Vision; The peak learning state.

Increases your ability to be present and focused and take in large amounts of information.

  • Developing listening skills and the ability to comfortably give and receive praise and positive criticism without taking it too personally.

This section of the workshop is hugely beneficial in improving team dynamics, relations and individuals confidence.

We encourage the use of positive open ended questioning in feedback sessions which helps delegates to realise their own potential and guides them towards setting their own goals. In this way they can take ownership over their actions and are far more likely to feel positive and take responsibility for improvements made to their work. 

If you would like to discuss The Conscious Creative developing a training package for your business please contact us at: or call 01442 383 635.