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Ascension Testimonials


testimonials for The bright path ascension meditation


Ted - Retired Deputy Head:

I learnt to Ascend 9 months ago with Micci and have already noticed huge benefits in terms of my energy levels, my optimism and ability to be patient and tolerant, as well as insights into what the future might hold in potential changes in consciousness. It's exciting stuff!

Micci is a great teacher, she knows and communicates her subject well, lives it in practice and is very attentive to those she is teaching. A wonderful person who exemplifies Ascension and its benefits in so many ways.


Kate - Actress & Mum:

Ascending was the calm in the storm for me as a new mum, and also a great way to relax and get in touch with my ever-changing body during pregnancy. I repeated the First Sphere the weekend my son, Gillan was conceived, then again late in my pregnancy (which was a tonic to my swollen body and anxious brain!) and in early labour it kept me present and calm. Since becoming a mummy Ascending has become even more vital, it is such an overwhelming experience! I Ascended during his crying fits, my panic fits, his midnight and through-the-night feeds, and while lying in bed wide awake with insomnia I reassured myself that Ascending was as a good a rest as sleep. There is no other time in my life when it has felt so important to be in the present, and absolutely awake to his needs as well as my needs, which are so easy to overlook. On days when you don't have time to brush your teeth or sit down to eat, it was always possible to Ascend eyes open and if I did find a moment to close my eyes and introduce an attitude, it was instantly reassuring, a wonderful dose of perspective and calm. The simplicity of these techniques make Ascension very accessible during such an intense time, I really can't recommend it enough. 


Terry - Physiotherapist

Micci taught me to Ascend and before the weekend was complete, I had booked my place to begin training as a Bright Path Ascension teacher. She lit a fire in me that has changed my life forever. She is a truly clear, compassionate and articulate teacher. Her passion for consciousness and self-realisation is of the highest order. She is one of a kind and absolutely amazing. Do what you can to attend one of her courses and you will not be disappointed.


Claire - Yoga Teacher:

I always get more & more from this practice & First Sphere weekends.  More peace, happiness & fulfilment in mind, body & life.  Each teacher has new insights & it was a pleasure to learn from Micci.  To hear her personal & down to earth experience & approach to Ascension Meditation; & to be further inspired by her path of joy. 


Catriona - Actress:

This year I repeated a First Sphere Ascension meditation course with Micci.  It was a wonderful weekend where I enjoyed peace, stillness, joy and strength.  I found the weekend to be a fantastic reminder of what I wanted my life to be and how easy it is to achieve that.  Micci is warm, engaging, all embracing personality made me feel I was in a safe place to express all I was feeling, whether that be fear, anger, frustration, happiness or giddiness!  I highly recommend her as a teacher. 


Eva - Photographer:

“Ascending with Micci means warmth, love, joy and compassion. Micci you are a big and very kind heart, pure love, pure joy.”


John - Air Traffic Controller :

Being a rugby playing, meat eating and beer drinking “man”, if somebody had told me even two years ago that I would have started practicing a form of meditation I would have called them mad!

Having grown up in a family that considered any kind of meditation something that “strange” people did who didn’t have a grip on the real world and who were just hiding from their problems; and also working in an industry that’s based on rules and problem solving, meditation was something that I looked down upon.

However, recently I couldn’t hide from the fact that I was not myself. I was, when I was younger, a fun person to be around. I was known for being relaxed, taking things in my stride. But over many years I had changed.

I used to make fun of younger enthusiastic people at my work. I used to say “I was like you until the weight of the world broke my tiny little spirit”! I was joking of course but actually if I was being honest it was the truth.

Recently I met with friends who I knew had been doing this strange meditation thing called “Ascending” for a few years. We had met up for the first time in a long time and I was really excited to see them again. Despite the fact I was excited I just felt miserable inside. Quite frankly I was stressed. Stressed with work and because of that putting pressure on my marriage by being mean to my wife. The stress had also manufactured itself physically and I had jaw ache and back pain. To say I wasn’t dealing with stress well was an understatement. In fact I refused to admit I was stressed for a while because I saw it as a form of weakness.

When we met our friends I found myself asking them for help. I think I surprised them when I explained how I was feeling. One of them said they had always thought I was such a “free spirit”. Maybe at one time but I certainly wasn’t feeling it now. They told me about The Bright Path Ascension and the feeling it gave them. I agreed to give it a try. “What did I have to loose?” I thought.

To say I was a bit apprehensive is an understatement! Years of conditioning telling me to not be open to this kind of thing does not just go away. However, it was my decision to go. Nobody was forcing me. If I didn’t like it I could just stop.

The weekend itself was amazing. Lovely people in a lovely environment. Learning Ascension and the techniques has to be the most relaxing weekend I have had in my life for ages. I came out of the weekend a relaxed person and an enthused spirit.

To say Ascension “healed” me in a weekend would of course be a lie! But it put me back in touch with who I actually am. It taught me to spend time with myself, to love myself. And because of that I have so much more to give other people.

Has it changed my ability to do my job? No. Has it changed me as a person? No. Has it reminded me who I am? YES! 

Of course life’s problems do not disappear all because you meditate. But they become easier to manage. I was surprised by how many problems I was creating for myself. Getting stressed about things that actually don’t matter. Why has this bowl been left out un-cleaned? Does it matter?!!!!

I wouldn’t preach and tell people they must try this. But if you feel anything close to how I felt, and if that seems familiar to you, my advice to you is to try The Bright Path Ascension. What do you have to loose?  


Martin - Systems Engineer:

When I was 29 the longest relationship in my life so far ended up and I was feeling really sad, I had lost "the one", no one else could replace her, my life was suddenly pointless, I've had insomnia for years but it was really bad at this stage, I was barely able to sleep for 3-4 hours a night. Work was really stressful to add to all that. I spent about a year afterwards using myself as a meditation & self help guinea pig trying out different things for 2-3 weeks until I get bored with them and moved on to the next one.

I ended up picking up MSI's Ascension book. I just loved it. It was the deep water that I’d been missing. I booked my First Sphere quite quickly afterwards and flying to London for a weekend for this, my mind was rumbling a bit about the whole thing but my heart knew that was the right path.

I had a fantastic First Sphere, everyone was lovely and the atmosphere was great. I was laughing wholeheartedly all the time, something that I wouldn't have done before with 10 people around me that I never met before.

I quite quickly started seeing changes in the way I respond to what's going on in my life afterwards.

I was connecting quite easily with people and having lively conversations.

It's amazing noticing how my relationship with life changes, things that used to annoy me are nothing or just something I laugh at. Life is light and fun. I still end up telling people that I don't like things but on the inside I don't have the "don't like" feeling anymore, it's magical.

I have a great passion for life now. I can feel the spark inside me. It's brilliant.

Great thanks to Sandy and Micci - my Ascension teachers.


Albert - Market Analyst:

Ascension at work has helped me to work with less effort while achieving better results!

My job as a Market Analyst involves a lot of "problem solving" situations in which I need to design analysis models so as to test certain types hypothesis.

I always believed that to solve problems I had to "think" properly and "find" the solution "trying to be" as creative as I could. Well, the reality is that this has changed a lot since I started to practice Ascension regularly.

Surprisingly enough, the amount of effort I now put in action is much lower than what I used to put, achieving most of the times more creative and better solutions. For me, this has had a tremendous impact in my day to day life as these situations used to be coupled with suffering (I won´t be able to find the solution!) and therefore effort (I used to feel very tired after a problem solving meetings). 

Ascension has helped me to improve my performance at work, spending my energy in a more wise way. I recommend also to put our attention inwards during meetings and conference calls... the experience and the results achieved are huge!

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