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The Bright Path Ascension Meditation

The Bright Path Ascension Meditation

If you’ve ever tried meditation and found it hard or heard that you have to be able to clear your mind of thoughts to be able to do it, we have good news for you … this is not that kind of meditation. We promise it’s super easy and ANYONE can do it and get results!

The Bright Path Ascension is the main meditation practice we use and teach here at The Conscious Creative. As performers we have found it a great way to begin a rehearsal or devising process as it allows us to get out of our thoughts, into the present moment and free ourselves of stress and limitation which allows for more creativity, inspiration and harmony.

It’s a really simple, easy, ancient, beautiful meditation based on praise, gratitude and love that brings you directly into an experience of the present moment and the truth of who you are free of limitations. Beyond that, should you wish it, the Bright Path teachers and community support each other to lead amazing lives free of stress, full of peace and for those that want it there's guidance back to the full experience of unity.

One of the great things about this meditation is that it is completely mechanical so no belief is required for it to work, and there is no belief system attached to the techniques which means it won’t conflict with any religious beliefs you may or may not have.

The Ascension attitudes / techniques allow anyone to easily Ascend, or rise above, the chatter and chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace. They can be used eyes closed, for deep rest and healing, and eyes open for clarity, focus, and being present throughout the day.

Benefits include…

  • More happiness & contentment

  • Releasing stored stress in the nervous system aiding health

  • Improves sleep

  • Enhances efficiency & clarity.

  • More creativity

  •  Improves confidence

  • Helps communication & relationships

  • Expands your consciousness

The nitty gritty…

Free introductory talks are available so you can join an existing one or request one.

The course can be flexible but usually includes a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. The cost of the weekend course is £200, and for that you can repeat the course as often as you like, anywhere in the world for free. There are also free fortnightly meetings across the UK for anyone who’s learnt to Ascend where you can receive support and enjoy Ascending in a group.

Check out for more information and to see when all courses and free introductory talks are taking place across the world or email 

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