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Workshop Testimonials

What attendees say about it:

I believe their work should be part of the curriculum here at LIPA - for all students! It a very useful way of showing actors how to deal with the stresses in the industry” - LIPA Acting Student

“Absolutely brilliant - first class teaching and clear learning objectives. We were challenging the way that we are and how we engage with the world - the impact that has is vital for everything... Not just work! Micci and Lindsay you are inspirational young women. Thank you for today - thank you for you!" - Abigail Langham (Acting & voice tutor LIPA)

 “It was exactly what I hoped I would get out of the workshop! It was well organised and friendly and the topics covered really spoke to me. I feel this will benefit me in life and acting.” - K.Tyler

“The whole day was great fun and everything really had meaning. Six hours wasn’t long enough! ” S.Folwell,

“I really liked the clear practical exercises that are really simple to remember and use – and I definitely will use them. I think this is a very important workshop to do at drama schools, particularly at the stage we’re at where agents etc. come into play. A lot of people I think would benefit who wouldn’t otherwise speak out or seek help if they’re having trouble coping”. – Sean. O, LAMDA Acting Student

“I really enjoyed the tools I learned, the positivity, and the welcoming and open atmosphere. Thank you so much and hope this goes on to help us and many others in the acting world and beyond”.  – Nessa. M

“‘It’s informative, fun and immediately applicable to my life. It all makes a lot of sense and had a definite positive effect on my outlook.” - Chris.L, LAMDA Acting Student

“I feel more confident in myself and my future! Great workshop!”  - LIPA Music Student

 “I loved everything! Useful and very, very relevant. Thank you, would love to do more work with you!” – Louise W (LAMDA acting student)

Massively exceeded my expectations. Probably one of the most useful days I’ve spent at LAMDA in terms of navigating the industry. I’d love to do more”. – Sean. H (LAMDA)

"Thank you for setting up your company! And thanks LAMDA for making time for it.” - Claire C. W.

I feel new” – Ziggy H

This is an email sent from a LAMDA MA Acting student to her teachers straight after attending the workshop:

"I wanted to write to all of you at once to let you know how incredibly helpful and important I found the work we did with Micci Gorrod and advocate her continued work with LAMDA students. She came at the exact right time, when we started to take our minds out of the work we're doing at LAMDA and into the industry we're about to reenter or enter for the first time (hugely stressful in either case) and we all needed ways to stay calm and focused. She more than provided that with her one-point meditation and C3 vision techniques. It made sense that employing her techniques would help me calm down to be able to do my LAMDA work I was pleasantly surprised to find that these tools also helped me be more open and free as an actor, as well. They helped me get out of my head and stop judging my impulses so I could actually follow them.

She also came in at a time when tensions start to rise between the group as a result of all of the stress we're feeling right now and the very last thing she did with us has palpably changed the class dynamic. Micci's spirit and expertise came in at the exact right time in the course, for me at least, in equal measures professionally and creatively. Thank you for including her in our course.” 


If you would like to be kept up to date about our open workshops or discuss us delivering one for your students please get in touch at: or call 01442 383 635.

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