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Conscious Creativity

Here at The Conscious Creative we love devising our own creative work which has its roots in living consciously and presently. We always begin every rehearsal and devising session by using the Bright Path Ascension meditation together so that any stress can move and it allows our creativity to flow with innocence.  Additionally we're also passionate about cheer-leading and sharing the work of others that we admire and are playing in a similar way. So why not take a peek and if you feel that you've got something to share get in touch and join the Conscious Creative Community.

Our Current Creative Projects


Top Secret TV Project 

If we could we'd tell you more, but right now we're exploring the possibility for a positive, conscious, upward spiralling TV show. We'll keep you posted we promise!


Theatre: 'Separation in a World of Fast Connections' 

The research & development stage has been completed so watch this space.


Children's Story, Song and Audio Book

'You're The Best at Being You!' has been illustrated thanks to Priya Ishaya at Fu Creations and the audio book and finale song are recorded. There's even a script version, workshop and the beginnings of an app ready to go. Micci has also been enjoying sharing the interactive story at festivals and gatherings across Europe so we'll let you know when it's ready to order!

Other's work that we're a big fan of

The Ishaya Love Band

Actually quite a few of The Conscious Creative crew are involved with this world wide music project. 'Ishaya' being a Sanskrit word that means supporting consciousness. There are members from Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, England, Scotland and Spain and we meet throughout Europe to devise music and share our experience of the Silence within it, whilst taking very little seriously! All the members are either Bright Path Ascension meditation teachers or people who've learnt it and we 'Ascend' together as part of our creative process.

Currently we're exploring possibilities to create an Album and we'll be performing again this year at The Timani Music Festival in Oslo.

Artist - Ingunn Moseng

Stand in front of one of Ingunn's paintings and you can see and feel the purest of energy that has created it. She is a master of our time. Ingunn lives in Oslo, Norway and also runs Vedic painting courses where participants explore painting from stillness. "I finally learnt how to let go of performance anxiety and found the joy in starting on a painting without a plan. It's like a dance, where the painting comes alive and the motif just appears by itself. Then I come in with my intention and a wish for direction and step back and let the painting lead the way." Check out her website by clicking HERE

Isham Conscious Art

This is an art project that started in Mexico with the purpose of reminding people of the nature of our true selves. Originally there were over sixty artists who were given one of four sculptures and invited to interpret the theme of each when painting them. This concluded with a very moving exhibition, Take a look at their video HERE and be sure to click on the cog at the bottom to select the English subtitles.

Music - Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz's music hardly needs promotional help from us, but he is pretty much constantly playing here in The Conscious Creative Headquarters so we couldn't leave him out. His later albums and lyrics have such beautiful conscious messages in them so we highly recommend you to check these out: 'LOVE', 'Yes' & 'We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things'.